The Charm of the Oltrepo

The Oltrepo Pavese is an area of the Province of Pavia, in the north-west Italian Region of Lombardia, which lies to the south of the well-known Po River.  Its name means literally “Beyond (oltre) the Po,” as an indication of where it is located geographically like its Provincial Capital, Pavia - home to one of the oldest universities in Europe dating back to 1361.

Our concept is to transport as much of Oltrepo Pavese as possible to America and to share with Americans the gastronomy of the Oltrepo without the need to travel there!  In addition, we desire to offer this experience in a comfortable setting featuring the tastes, textures and aromas typically found in local dining establishments in the Oltrepo - but not the high-cost normally associated with “fine-dining” establishments often found in the United States.

That being said, when you become our customer, and Oltrepo Membership, for each time you partake of one of our monthly "Oltrepo Feasts," you will receive an additional ticket for our annual drawing for our "One-week Trip to The Oltrepo Pavese," which includes airfare, lodging and dinner for you and a guest (if, of course, you are the winner of the drawing which is held each year on the 1st  Sunday of December).  Upon returning, you can happily tell all who will listen to you about the great time you had in the Oltrepo Pavese!